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Floss By Cocofloss

Floss By Cocofloss

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“If you’re going to fish around your gums for debris, you may as well add some nourishing coconut oil to the floss: Cocofloss glides easier, and it comforts the gums while cleaning house.”  GQ

*treat yourself to the MOST delightful, super-cleansing, soft, textured dental floss

*infused with naturally soothing coconut oil, vegan wax

*33yards of floss bliss will last 2 months

*Vegan, cruelty free floss

*Free of parabens, SLS, and PFAS

*Made With 500+ Woven Filaments That Scrub Teeth Clean

*Gentle loofah for your smile

*Scrubs plaque away, refreshes your breath and smile

* Voted Best Floss: Winner of the 2022 Allure Best of Beauty Award for “Best Floss,” Cocofloss is also a two-time winner of the Cellerant Best of Class Hygiene Award, the most prestigious award in dentistry

*Made in Italy


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